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At Roanoke Star Paving, we are happy to provide our commercial and residential clients with multiple paving solutions. One of those solutions is tar and chip paving. No matter if you are looking for a tar and chip road or driveway, we can help. Our tar and chip paving contractors use the best mixes to ensure that you get an outcome you’re pleased with. We provide this service throughout Roanoke VA and are able to work on any sized road or property. Stop searching for tar and chip driveway contractors near me, and give us a call for a free estimate. We’ll help you decide if tar and chip is right for your property and how to go about the process.  

Top Tar and Chip Paving Solutions in Roanoke VA 

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You likely have a very specific vision for your property. You also want to stay within a specific budget. At Roanoke Star Paving, we understand that. That’s why you can trust us to do both for you. We are licensed, bonded, and insured tar and chip contractors and are happy to protect your property and reduce your investment while getting a great looking road or driveway.  

Tar and chip is one of our more popular paving solutions for residential clients. Driveways that are short or driveways that are long can benefit from this unique paving concoction. Our goal is to ensure that your property looks its best from top to bottom.  

If you want an easy, yet highly attractive paving solution we recommend tar and chip for you. It is a fast paving process as well but costs far less than asphalt or concrete. Also, it is not inferior to those options. You can confidently choose tar and chip paving. Give us a call to see if your property is the right fit for this paving option.  

More Information About Tar and Chip Paving 

Tar and chip paving is also called chip sealing. It is very much like asphalt in many ways. As your paving contractors, we will use a combination of hot liquid asphalt cement, liquid hot tar, and gravel to create the effect. Once the liquids are applied, we then roll the gravel overtop for traction and a complete finish. The best part is, you can customize your tar and chip by choosing the gravel you prefer according to your design preferences.  

Keep in mind, tar and chip sealing has been used for well over 100 years as a paving solution. It is ideal for resurfacing roadways, residential driveways, and even commercial parking lots. There is no wrong way to use it either. If you want to maximize your property without a massive investment, chip sealing is the way to go.  

Why Choose Tar and Chip Paving? 

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At Roanoke Star Paving, we believe in giving you plenty of options for your property. That’s why we provide chip sealing solutions. It is low maintenance, has gorgeous natural beauty, improves traction, and is cost-friendly. Reach out to our paving company for a free tar and chip paving estimate in Roanoke VA.  

We also specialize in concrete contractor work in the Roanoke VA area.

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