At Roanoke Star Paving, we provide exceptional driveway paving resurfacing in Roanoke VA. We are committed to providing our clients throughout Roanoke VA with the best residential paving solutions. Resurfacing is one of our most common services for residential clients, and we are proud to deliver the best services possible. If you want your driveway to look its best, and in turn improve the value of your property, then resurfacing is a tool that can help. Before you invest in a brand-new driveway, consider driveway paving resurfacing near me services through our team. Give us a call for a free estimate.  

Professional Driveway Resurfacing in Roanoke VA 

One of our primary services for residential clients is driveway resurfacing. Residential paving is an excellent way to protect your investment. You can confidently choose and trust our residential paving company, to deliver better quality asphalt solutions. Our price points are fair as well. You do not have to invest more in your driveway than you want to simply because you have a few surface issues with your driveway. What you really need is a professional driveway company to manage your driveway paving needs and provide you with a great analysis of your property.  

One of the key benefits of resurfacing is that it is a relatively quick and hassle-free experience for our paving clients. We use a minimally invasive process to take care of your driveway and make it look its best. Our paving contractors are highly trained, licensed, insured, and bonded and are great at what they do. You don’t have to let your driveway be a cause of pain in your life. Instead, you simply contact our team to manage your driveway and make it look its best.  

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Ultimately, our goal is to reduce your costs while giving you the best possible solutions for your driveway. When your driveway could use some polishing, contact our team to get a free driveway resurfacing paving quote.  

How We Deliver Driveway Resurfacing Services 

We believe in educating our residential paving clients before they sign up for our services. Fortunately, the process of resurfacing your driveway is fairly simple. Our resurfacing experts will explain the process so you know what to expect, however. Our very first step in the driveway resurfacing service is analyzing your driveway. We want to make sure your property is a good fit for our resurfacing process.  

Additionally, we inspect the subgrade of your driveway because if that is not in good condition you cannot get resurfacing services. After that is done, we inspect your asphalt’s quality to see if it can be paved over. If you have loads of potholes, cracks, and other issues, then it might be better to repave your driveway instead.  

However, if minor repairs are all that is required, then we can provide a quality driveway resurfacing job that looks great for a fair price. Once this is done, we will clean your asphalt and prep it for professional resurfacing. Next, we add a layer of asphalt to the top of your asphalt. The result is a great looking asphalt.  

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Contact our team for your free estimate for your driveway resurfacing needs in Roanoke VA. 

Free Driveway Paving Resurfacing Quote 

If you think driveway resurfacing is right for your property, give us a call for a free estimate!

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