About Us Roanoke VA

At Roanoke Star Paving, we are proud to provide long-term support for our commercial and residential clients throughout Roanoke VA. Our team has spent years perfecting our paving services, and we are dedicated to giving you the best outcome possible. As paving contractors, we are also licensed, bonded and insured, and have proudly worked on many different paving projects for our clients. Our ultimate focus is ensuring that your property—whether it is privately owned or not—looks great. From driveways to parking lots, we do it all.  

Proudly Locally Owned Paving Company in Roanoke VA 

Our paving company proudly provides a free paving estimate in Roanoke VA for any client in need of our services. That’s how we like to start our partnerships. We recognize that our clients want to work with paving contractors who are local and who are reliable. That’s why we focus on creating a team that supports that focus. We train our team to ensure we are meeting the highest standards for a paving company and we continue to increase our customer service skills, so you get the support you desire.  

With many years of asphalt paving under our belt, we take each job seriously and understand that sometimes what you think you need might not be what you actually need. Additionally, we strive to never overcharge you for paving services. For example, if we can perform a resurfacing job on your driveway or parking lot, we take that route over charging you much more for repaving.  

If you want to seal your parking lot or driveway and lock down a budget-friendly price to get the job done, we are here to help.  

Trusted, Reliable, and Experienced Paving Contractors 

We specialize in both residential and commercial paving, which means virtually any asphalt paving job is well within our wheelhouse. Our paving crew takes the time to thoroughly analyze your property to see precisely what services are required to make it look its best and maintain its value. Our time-tested strategies and methodologies, guarantee our clients get an outcome they are happy with.  

Hiring a paving contractor can be overwhelming. But we are here to make it as easy as possible. We focus on providing you with trusted, reliable, and experienced paving contractors so you can be confident your job is done right. Be sure to see our top rated reviews from previous customers as well. You don’t have to hire us blindly! 

Free Paving Estimate in Roanoke VA 

As a company, we know how important it is for your business or home to have minimal distruption from our paving crew. That’s why we work expertly and swiftly to handle your paving project. We are proud of our track record for finishing our work quickly and to the expectations of our clients. You can be confident we will take the same approach with your paving job. 

Ready to hire a qualified and dedicated paving company for your paving needs in Roanoke VA? If so, reach out to us today for a free paving estimate in Roanoke VA.

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